If you have been following my 365 Project, you will know that I have been out hiking all weekend. Yesterday was a much longer walk and I got up to the area at the foot of the Helvellyn Headwall near Red Tarn. I wanted to show you some of the images that I shot at the top. The snow was about three foot deep here and the windchill was incredible. It took me about four hours to get up and then back down into the valley in the fresh, soft snow.

I was doing star jumps at the top waiting for the sun to burst through the clouds and illuminate the snow.  My favourite image was the one at the top of the post at Hole-In-The-Wall, with the moody sky brooding over Ullswater.

Striding Edge to the left, Catstycam to the right
Looking towards Raise
Working my way back down into the Valley

Every cloud has a silver lining…

Yesterday I had a WordPress meet-up with fellow blogger and photographer James from Walking with a Smacked Pentax. We met up at my Photography Exhibition, enjoyed a hot drink then drove over to Keswick for a leg stretch. I wanted to take James somewhere that had a good vantage point, a nice view of some of the popular fells of the Lake District. I decided Walla Crag would suit the bill with its lovely view of Derwentwater. We took the steep ascent up from Springs Farm in the pouring rain. I was worried when we got to the summit the view would be overcast, dull and uninspiring. But luck was with us and the sky opened up for us when we reached the top, light was bouncing off Bleaberry Fell, Catbells and sunlight was streaming through the rain clouds over the Borrowdale Fells. We were both delighted and had a wonderful couple of hours making photographs and chatting about cameras and blogging….

Borrowdale sunlight

My heart just caves in…

And my heart caves in when I look at you – Man Overboard

I wanted to show you this image tonight, these lyrics mirror how I feel when I see landscapes like this one. There doesn’t need to loads of bright light to take great photographs, but you do need a little good quality light. I had to travel into Keswick this morning and this is how the mountains looked – It is so breathtaking, I am a complete sucker for mist like this.

I think shots like this one are very under-rated, this was shot at St John in the Vale looking up towards Great Dodd. This particular valley is always brilliant for mist, once I saw it rolling around the valley like it was alive, like it was an ocean, I suppose it was just the force of the breeze which made it appear to be moving so fast, but my heart just caved in…

St John in the Vale


This is where I live…

This is where I live, Penrith in the Lake District. I haven’t shown this image previously as I am not keen on images where there is lots of evidence of man-made structures and industrialisation, but in the context of this post I think it represents Penrith well.  I live in what was, a small market town now is fast becoming a quite large township, the gateway to The Lakes. I am grateful every morning when I see (a partial) view like this from my bedroom window, that my back yard is, the eastern mountains of Cumbria and I live in such an astoundingly beautiful place.