Digitally remastered – Into the Blue…

I started writing this blog in the summer of 2011, at that point I had been shooting digitally for two years. Most of my images from 2009 and 2010 have been crunched and blotted from memory, but that’s okay, taking lots of naff pictures is a bit of the journey and it’s still fun experimenting. You may notice that hundreds of my older posts have been getting crunched too, this leads nicely on from the image I showed you yesterday and my quote about continuously innovating. I like to do that very much, but I didn’t want some of my best and favourite images to just disappear. So over the next few weeks I will be looking into the vaults and showing you some older work, but showing you them with a fresh makeover.

So the summer of 2011, I was standing on the west coast of Cumbria at Allonby Bay and I took this shot which I entitled ‘Into the Blue’ on a really gorgeous summers day. You may remember that I was exclusively shooting in portrait orientation early on and I was drawn to blues and golds – that hasn’t changed. I do love the layers that shooting in portrait emphasises. The other two sunset images were from opportunities arising from puppy walking duties, I live in a high/hilly area of town and we get a good view over to Lakeland.

Into the BlueOrange & BlueBlue & gold

12 thoughts on “Digitally remastered – Into the Blue…

  1. Incredible photos. I like what you say that you “love the layers that shooting in portrait emphasises.” I never thought of that. As I shoot mostly landscapes, I tend to use landscape mode. I’ll have to change that up a bit.

  2. The first one is incredible, those layers of blue are briliiant, the 2nd image being like a darker version of the 1st (layer wise) the last image though is my fav, that hint of sun through the trees. How would you meter for that photo, parts are very dark, parts are like and yet it is al in proportion.

    1. Hello, there was still a lot of light in the sky so I was still shooting in Aperture Priority f13. I have darkened the top and bottom of the image, I don’t mind if the landscape is a little dark, the star of the show was the huge clouds. Some photographers don’t like the sun spots, but I think they give a little atmosphere to a shot.

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