Praying for a white winter…

I go to sleep alone, and wake up alone. I take walks. I work until I’m tired.

I watch the wind play with the trash that’s been under the snow all winter.

Everything seems simple until you think about it.

Why is love intensified by absence?

The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger.

I was asked by one of the editors at WordPress to participate in a round table article for The ‘Photography 101’ series on The Daily Post.  You can read this article here. Part one is photographers discussing our workflow, part two is coming early December. I will share the link once it has been published. In the meantime I am praying for some good snowfall in the Lakes like the winter of 2010…



11 thoughts on “Praying for a white winter…

    1. Hello, Yes it has been quite sparse on the sort of conditions we love, even some shocking misty mornings would have been welcome, but there is always next season🙂

  1. Lovely – yeah I’d love a good bit of snow again this year. I was hoping there’d be some when I’m in Wales next week but it doesn’t look likely. I have happy memories of being stranded on holiday in Scotland in the 2010 snow and had plenty of time to spend with my camera in the mountains🙂

    1. That sounds lovely. We have not had a drop of snow on low ground here at all, but I can see it on the exposed fell tops. Hope you get some nice images in Wales🙂

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