Catstye Cam

Like dandelions in Springtime…

When I die,
my atoms will come undone.
I’ll be space dust, once again.

The wind will carry me,
and scatter me everywhere,
like dandelions in springtime

I’ll visit worlds and alien moons,
it will be so damn poetic
until I land on your sandwich.



The Pyramid

J’ai laissé mon coeur à Paris …

I left my heart in Paris… Yes I did, this was a visit to Paris with one of my friends, Janette. We had just stepped out of Terence Conran’s restaurant, Alcazar on the left bank, nothing fancy just some simple food, oddly I remember we drank a chilled bottle of Chablis. It was mid – September, we were wearing thin cotton dresses, the weather was still very hot. There was only one thing to do in Paris at midnight, we walked over to The Louvre unpacked the tripods and cameras and began to photograph the Courtyard of The Louvre. We stayed for over an hour, there were still visitors walking around enjoying the late summer heat, a fashion shoot was going on at one of The Pyramid pools. I am back in Paris in May to photograph the cherry blossom at Le Jardin des Plantes.

The PyramidThe Louvre Courtyard The Louvre Courtyard The Louvre Courtyard