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Helen Boyd

Helen Boyd:  Photographer, blogger, wanderess, ocean lover, budding artist, guitar player, vegetarian & Myers Briggs INFJ…

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Hello, My name is Helen Boyd, I live and work in the English Lake District.  Desk-bound on weekdays I love to get outdoors and walk in the Lakes on the weekends and indulge my passions which are Photography, Philosophy, Painting, Reading, & Art.

Always very observant and naturally curious from a young age, I love to photograph my natural environment. I especially love landscapes, seascapes and simpler minimalist shots. Recently I have been converting more of my work into emotive black and white or monochrome, less distracting than full Technicolor.

I have been taking photographs for many years but have taken my photography seriously in the last five years.  I am a Mac user, basic editing is done using Apple’s Aperture 3 and my favourite plug-ins Nik software’s Silver Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 & Viveza 2.

I enjoy city breaks having already travelled to and photographed these beautiful cities London, New York, Prague, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam and Stockholm. My ambition is to photograph my way around Scandinavia and the UK.  I am looking forward to a return trip across the pond to New York in September and another visit to Iceland in February 2015.

Ironically, I also go back home frequently to the beautiful Northumberland coast and shoot at Bamburgh and Ross Back Sands.

 I currently shoot with a Full Format Nikon D610, Fujifilm X100s and my iPhone 5.

My best accolade to date was winning a second in the Northern Counties Photographic Federation NCPF –  2012 for my mono image of the Borrowdale fells.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles. Helen x


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. How wonderful to live in the Lake District – so much to photograph. Like you I am hooked on ‘the sea’ and even when on holiday often find myself pulled to on sea or other

    • Helen Boyd says:

      It is wonderful- I have the beautiful mountains year around and then I can go home to Northumberland and enjoy the coast there too :)

    • Helen Boyd says:

      Thank you Adam, It is a fantastic tree, it curls in every direction so as you walk around it, it looks so different. :)

  2. Fabulous photos – just my thing! :)
    I don’t usually push myself on other people’s blogs (it seems a bit rude!) however, if you have a couple of minutes spare please take a look at my website – there’s a link from my blog. I’ll be interested to hear what you make of my work ….
    PS. I found you through Otto’s ‘best of’ post and have ‘followed’ to make sure I don’t lose you!

    • Helen Boyd says:

      Thank you Noeline, I have had a quick wander over to you website and I do love your work, it is very much like the high key work I have just had in my exhibition. Will bookmark you for another longer look with a mug of coffee :)

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