A beach is not just for summer…

Too young for slides  -  Too old for Tumblr……..Helen

BamburghI have just spent a lovely long New Years weekend at Bamburgh, Northumberland.  The light and weather were fantastic, unfortunately it was me that was ‘under the weather’.  My camera only came out for one very shaky outing, the rest I am afraid taken with my iPhone. One Social Media that I am am quite getting the hang of now is Instagram (follow me at helenboyd1), I am really enjoying this at the moment especially as I am now following some good photographers too – Check out Chris Ozer from Brooklyn, NY (chrisozer).

Bamburgh Bamburgh Bamburgh Bamburgh Bamburgh

4 thoughts on “A beach is not just for summer…

  1. Lovely! I like all pictures of the beach. By coincidence, I spent some time at one of our windy headlands on an overcast day yesterday, pics mostly monochrome ‘cos of weather. Will have a look at them today.

    I can’t do Instagram, just got an old phone … but there are many effects available out there that work well.

    Best wishes. I enjoy your posts.

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